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    West Java's Fisheries and Agriculture Still Encounters Some Trouble



    BANDUNG - In West Java, although the fisheries and agriculture potential is considered as promising yet, it still encounters some problems as stated by the Govenor of West java, H. Ahmad Heryawan during the public discussion event in GIM, Jl. Viaduct, Bandung on Monday (16/5).

    According to the Governor, the problems arise are: First, limited human resource skills in optimalising the use of Technological and Natural Resources. Second, limited capital so that the business scale and their income is still insufficient in fulfilling their needs. Third, inadequate structure and infrastructure. Fourth, high conversion of agricultural land, especially in the northern part of West Java. Fifth, climate change negatively affect their efforts to increase agricultural production and marine.

    In order to ressolve the problems, According to the Governor, the Government, along with entrepreneurs, academics and the society need to work together seeking for solution.

    with the participation of a cross-party, said the Governor, West Java Province will be able to become self-sufficient in food needs. (NR)

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