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    The 13th Salary of Civil Servants is Regulated in a Government Regulation (PP)



    JAKARTA - For the first time ever, Civil Servants (PNS) is going to recieved the 13th salary and holliday allowance (THR) which widely known as the 14th salary. It will become clear after the issuance of the government regulation (PP) on both of the above.

    Now, the layout of the Government Regulation on THR and the 13th salary of the 2016 fiscal year is on the harmonisation stage in the Ministry of Legal and Human Rights. "After the harmonisation, the layout will be given to the Minister of Empowerment of the state apparatus and bureaucracy reform (PANRB) to be handed to the President," said Head of Policy Formulation Salaries and Allowances preparation The Ministry of PANRB, Hidayah Azmi Nasution at his office on Friday (13/05).

    He admitted that it is written in the layout that, the provision of THR and the 13th salary will be paid in July. "But for a certainty whether it is before or after the Eid it is not confirmed yet," he explained.

    Added, THR is the replacement of civil servants salary increase each year, and is often called the 14th salary. However, the amoung is less than the salaries of the 13, which equals one month salary. As for the 13th salary includes basic salary, allowances, and other benefits, the same as the civil servants salary.

    Earlier, Minister of PANRB, yuddy Chrisnandi said, in the near future the government will give the 13th salary and THR to all Civil Servants Apparatus (ASN). "Salaries of the 13 given when children go to school, THR will be paid before Eid," said Yuddy.

    THR or salaries of the 14th are allocated to help the needs of the civil servants during Eid. Because, before the feast, the need of civil servants will be increasing. As for 14th salary disbursement mechanisms is identical to the salary disbursement mechanisms to 13th. But the amount is equal to one of the basic salary. (Rr / PR MENPANRB)

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