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    PDIP of West Java is Commemorating Their 43rd Anniversary



    BANDUNG - Various events are being held by the Committee of Partai Demokrasi Indonesia Perjuangan (PDIP) of West Java together with the people of West Java in order to commemorate their 43rd Anniversary.

    The events held are Self-Sufficent Villages, Banteng Music Festival, Choir Competition, Fishermens Coperation Competition, Seafood barbeque, Branch Broad Competition, Bazzaar, and Selfie Contest with "Me and Soekarno" as a theme and also photography competition.

    The Head of the Regional Board, Tubagus Hasanuddin hopes that with this 43rd Anniversary, Cadres of PDIP can serve the public interest.

    "We hope that in the future everyone is healthy, and the nation is in safety, West Java is developped and all Cadres of PDIP can serve the public interests," said TB Hasanuddin during the event in DPD PDIP office, Jl. Pelajar Pejuang 45, Bandung on Sunday (15/05).

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