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    Perwosi of West Java held "Gebyar Senam Bugar Anak Indonesia"



    BANDUNG - Located in the West Parking lot of Gedung Sate on Friday (13/5), The Indonesian Sport Women Association (Perwosi) of West Java held Gebyar Senam Bugar Anak Indonesia (SBAI).

    The event is held in commemoration of 49th Anniversary of Perwosi and also to socialise SBAI movement. "The central Perwosi has created a new aerobatic movement called "Senam Bugar Anak Indonesia" (SBAI).

    In West Java, this movement has been socialised in several regions, primarily among the elementary students said The Head of West Java's Perwosi, Giselawati Mizwar.

    According to Gisel, as an effort to socialise the movement, Perwosi also held a SBAI competition.

    "We will make a competition out of SBAI for the elementary students in order to promote this new aerobatic movement," She said.

    Giselawati also mention that SBAI is one of the effort to familiarize children with this aerobatic from an early age so they have a healthy body.

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