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    The Theme Song of PON is Going to be Released Soon



    BANDUNG - The Big Committee of PON XIX/2016 and Peparnas XV/2016 of West Java is going to release the official theme song of PON and Peparnas.

    The Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said that the official theme song will be released on the counting down event of 111 days to PON at the end of this May in Bandung.

    "The production stage of the theme song has been completed and we should be ready to show it to the public," He said.

    According to The Governor, the official theme song entitled "Berjaya di Tanah Legenda" is arranged by Dwiki Dharmawan and the lyric is written by Sundanese artist Eddy D. Iskandar.

    "This song evokes the spirit of PON and Peparnas in West Java, and it has been visualized and can be used as the event's promotional weapon, "he said.

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