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    Netty: Safety Space for Children Becoming Limited



    BOGOR - The Head of PKK of West Java, Netty Heryawan said that a safe space for children is becoming limited and it results in children abuse and abandonment. The fact is, most of he victims are relative.

    According to Netty, naturally, family is where children get love, care and shelter. In fact, because of the illiteral society is jumping right into the digital era, some childcare become misguided.

    "The improvement of the digital era ruin children's characters and growth. This should brings a question to our mind. Are we neglecting our children by giving them gadgets?," said Netty during the launching of Gerbang Cinta dan Rumah Aman Programme entitled "The Role of PKK in creating Family Endurance" in Bogor on Wednesday (12/5/16).

    It is sad that the number of child abuse continue to grow each year. Thus, through the programme, the society's awareness and contribution in stopping child abuse could be raised.

    "I hope we could be the kind of parents that knows how to educate children with care. Instead of becoming the kind of parents that do not have preparation to take care of a childen," She said.

    The Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya said that family is the fortress to guard or children from negative influences. Famuly could also brought children to become a strong leader. He hopes that this programme could bring welfare for families living in Bogor.



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