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    Three Countries are Looking For Investment from West Java



    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) recieved a courtesy call from three ambassador of neighboring countries. They are The Ambassador of Fiji, Papua New Guinea,  and Solomon Island. This meeting was held in Pakuan Building, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 1, Bandung, on Thursday (12/5/16).

    In the meeting, The discussion of cooperation agreement initiation between the three countries took place. The cooperation will be in various field, such as education, trade, arts and culture, even sports.

    "I want a real cooperation not only with Indonesia, but particularly with West Java," said Aher in front of the three Ambassadors.

    Aher also said that he would be happier and prouder when cooperating with developing countries. Because, he feels like they are sitting on the same boat.

    "I will be happier and prouder if we are in coperation with a developing countries. We are sitting on the same boat that makes us ready to work together," He said.

    In the meeting, The Fiji of Fiji for Indonesia, Seremaia T. Cuvuilati hopes that there are some investor from indonesia that are willing to invest their money on Fiji.

    "This is a great platform for us in order to be able to invites your investor to our country so that we could share knowledge and development," He said.

    "I have ever been here and I always want to come back because the natural condition of West Java is quite similar with our pcific country," He said.

    Meanwhile, The Ambassador of Papua New Guinea for Indonesia, Peter Ilau hopes that there will be a cooperation improvement with Indonesia, which geographically very close with each other.

    "We are representing a group in which Indonesia is also a member of and we believe that with so many similarities shared, we will fit each other," He said.

    The same thing was expressed by the Ambassador of Solomon Island for Indonesia, Salana Kalu but, he is looking forward in cooperating in the field of sport considering the fact that West Java has the best soccer team in Indonesia which is Persib Bandung.

    "We realise that there are a lot of young generation in your region, and we also emphasise that we are interested in socce and we hope that in the future, we can initiate a cooperation on that field," He said.

    Aher answer to this request is positive, Aher even said that in the future, it is possible that he will held a friendly match between Persib and Solomon.

    "It would be great if we initiate the cooperation through a friendly match between Persib and Solomon," He said.

    Geographically, Fiji, Solomon Island and Papua New Guinea is located on the same region with Indonesia which is in the South Pacific region or Milanesian countries. As for Solomon Island, this cooperation initiation is a great start, because they just opened their Indonesian Embassy on the last August 2014.

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