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    The First Commission Encourages the Optimisation of Regional Assets Management



    BANDUNG - The Head of The 1st Commission of The House of Representative, H. Syahrir, said that to this day, the management of our regional assets are still in needs of some adjustment, particularly regarding the legal proccesses of the ownership of the assets.

    "There are some regional assets of which evidence of ownership is still in the form of a piece of letter or girik. Well, in the future, we encourage the optimisation of those assets ownership by improving the effort of those land's certification," said H. Syahrir in his office, on Tuesday (10/05).

    H. Syahrir said that, the security and management of the regional assets of The Government of West Java is becoming the priority of the 1st commission. In terms of securing the assets, the beaureau that is incharge of managing the regional assets must be in cooperation with the Satpol PP and Regional BKPP in the region where the assets are located. "In terms of securing the regional assets, particularly those in the form of a land belongs to the Government of West Java, besides certification, we also encourage to build some kind of fencing and installation of signs or nameplate that the public knows that the asset is belong to the Government of West Java," He said.

    Regarding the assets which has not managed optimally, furthermore, Syahrir said that in the future, the best solution to solve the problem is needed so that something good would coming out of it. The land can be used in cooperation with some private company for example. "So, in the future there will be no more Government land which is unused. It is possible that the land could be used in cooperation with a private company so for at least the next 30 years, the land will have an economic value," He said.

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