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    The Head of The First Commission is Awarded with The Best Parliamentarian Award



    BANDUNG - The Head of the 1st Commission of The House of Representative (DPRD) of West Java, H. Syahrir, is awarded with The Best Parliamentarian award from Penghargaan Indonesia foundation during the awarding night in Bali. Syahrir is the first member of DPRD ever to be awarded with this award.

    "This take this award as a motivation. From now on, I must behave well. This award is a guard for me to behave well. I don't want to let something bad coming out of this award," He said in his office on Tuesday (10/5).

    According to the information gathered by jabarprov.go.id, the award was given to Syahrir because he has the knowledge of the archipelago, the vision for the future, high social awarness towards national and regional development in accordance with his field and profession.

    "Mr. Syahrir is also has an honorable leadership. He is respected by the staffs in his work environment," said one of the House of Representatives staff.

    The method used by Penghargaan Indonesia foundation in determining the person to be awarded is through review of the news clippings from various media, through surveys among relatives, acquaintances and public figures, assessments on the field or the location and through input from business and professional organizations.

    "With this award, I should be keeping myself to become better. If previously, I could still relax, because there is no assessment. But, with this award, I should be keeping away, with every step people are looking at me. So, despite being outside the office, I have to adjust, "he said.

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