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    The Vice Governor of Sichuan Province is Inspired by The National Crafts Council of West Java



    BANDUNG -  The Head of The National Crafts Council of West Java (Dekranasda), Netty Heryawan received the working visits of Sichuan Vice Governor, Liu Jie and their delegation and accompanied by the Vice Chairman Dekranasda of West Java, Giselawati Mizwar on Dekranasda Office in West Java province, on Monday (09.05.16).

    During the welcoming event, The Vice Governor of Sichuan Province expressed his appreciation to The Government of West Java that prioritises and upholding the culture of West Java in every occassion. Especially to the Governor and Vice Governor who puts their wife as chairman of the regional head of Dekranasda which symbolizes their support to the development of culture of West Java.

    Netty said that aside of the regulation from the Central Government, it enables the Head of Regional Dekranasda to cooperate easily with the Government of West Java. Dekranasda West Java province, for example, will try to always preserve the traditional elements of West Java, and not letting it to get knocked out by a foreign culture.

    "Kecapi, suling and sinden is hard to master but, there are some people who are eager to preserve them by learning how to play them," said Netty.

    Liu Jie said that through Dekranasda, the culture of West Java could be widely known by the international world. "We need to learn from Deskarnada. I will asked my wife to become the head of a culture institution," he said.

    The objective of this visit is to initiate the sister province cooperation between Sichuan and West Java. The Chinese delegation was welcomed by the Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar.

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