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    The Vice Governor Requests Movie Tax to be Under 10%



    BANDUNG - In order to increase the people interest in watching movie as well as imporving Indonesia's movie quality, The Vice Governor, Deddy Mizwar, requests movie tax to be under 10%. This is important in order to encourage entrepreneurs to build a movie theatre in the are with no movie theatre.

    "Please do not complicate things, do not immediately apply an expensive tax to a newly built movie theatre. let the entrepreneurs gain income first. Apply a small tax on it in the beginning, the tax can be raised later on," said the Vice Governor in Gedung Sate, Monday, May 9th, 2016.

    "Do not exceed 10%. If it is possible, reduce it to just 5 or 6 percent in its beginning," He adds.

    The Vice Governor invites the Regional Owned Enterprises to get involved in the development of movie theatres. Especially in the region that has no movie theatre. He opens the possibility of cooperation for entrepreneur who wants to use the assets of The Government of West Java in order to develop movie thatres.

    "We adjust the movie screen. How many screen we use for local movie and how many will we use for international movie. it is okay for imported movie to be played but, we prioritise the 60% of the screen to play Indonesian movies. If it is so, the Indonesian movie industry can be accelerated," said the Vice Governor.

    It is neccesary for the Government to make a regulation to regulate the circulation of films in Indonesia. In this case the Ministry of Education and Culture is the government officials who have the authority to make the regulation in order to avoid a monopoly in national movie industry.

    "There is no regulation to regulate the distribution and circulation of the film. The command is in the legislation but to this day there is no regulation made. So, in my opinion the regulation must be made as a whole or it is possible that the legislation cannot be implemented well, it is need to be revised. The legislation was made in a hurry," said the Vice Governor.

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