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    KPH Programme is Reducing Poverty Effectively



    JAKARTA - Family Expectations Program (KPH) is showing a significant impact in reducing poverty and economics imbalance. "The programme has been running since 2007, in December 2015 it has liberated about 400.000 family from poverty," said the Minister of Social Affairs, Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

    Not only that, refering to the data provided by the Centre of Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2016, the level of people's spending imbalance which meassured by Gini Ratio decreased 0,01 point comparing to last year. As for 2016, the Government aims the Gini Ratio to decrease to 0,39 point.

    The Minister of Social Affair explains that the significant impact of KPH can be seen from the spending of the family with poverty which raised 14%.

    In the education sector, there is an increase in the number of school admission. 2,3% on the elementary level and 4,4% for the junior high level.

    The positive impact of KPH is also felt in the increasing number of pregnancy check, immunisation, and the slow growing children rate.

    The Minister said that in 2015, PKH has reached 3,5 families. As for this year, the total number will be increased to 2,5 million families, so that the total number of PKH recipient will be increased to about 6 million families.

    The increase is done because, based on the survey done by the World Bank, this programme is the only one with significant impact in the efficiency index.

    PKH intervention is still considered as small, but its efficiency level is high compared to another sosial aid programme. According to the World Bank, The acceptable value that recieved by PKH recipient should be between 16-25 percent of the expenditure per capita / month. Recently it only reached 14.5 percent. in 2016 it has been allocated in the state budget almost Rp 10 trillion for 6 million PKH recipient.

    Aside of increasing the total number of PKH recipient, The Government also adds another component of participants. They are students under the age of 21, people with disabilities, and elderly people who lives under poverty.

    PKH is a social aid programme. This programme is devided into two component, which are health and education. Health component is given to women in pregnancy and toddler with the amount of aid reached Rp 1,2 million/person. The education aid is given to the elementary students in the amount of 45 thousand rupiah, junior high students in the amount of 750 thousand rupiah, and high school student in the amount of 1 million rupiah and all devided into 4 payout times.

    "In 2015, we gave woman with pregnancy Rp 1 million in 4 payouts. As for this year, we increased the amount to Rp 1,2 million," She said.

    Meanwhile, the aid for elderly people is in the amount of Rp 2,4 million and Rp 3,6 million for people with disabilities and both paid in 3 payouts.

    Broadly speaking, the Minister added, PKH intervened in the field of education, nutrition, and health of pregnant women. Thus, through PKH, it is expected to be born children who are smart and healthy.

    Every family that receives PKH must met the recipient requirement and condition.

    For example, it is mandatory for pregnant women to check their pregnancy in yankes as much as 3-4 times, give birth with the help of health professionals, and health check 2 times before the baby is one month old.

    For infants aged 0-11 months they are required to complete the immunization and examination of body weight every month, received vitamin A supplements, has gained additional immunization and examination of body weight, once every three months, as well as perform routine weighing of every month.

    For school children aged 7-18 years who have not completed basic education (elementary through high school) must be enrolled in school or equivalency education, a minimum of 85 percent attendance in class every month.

    To speed up efforts PKH recipient independence, started in 2016, the program Business Group (KUBE) or Productive Economic Enterprises will be given priority to PKH recipient, so that a maximum of five years PKH recipient is expected to be ready to be independent.

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