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    West Java Signed a Coorperation Agreement with Sichuan



    BANDUNG - The Vice Governor, Ahmad Heryawan, signed a cooperation agreement in various field with The Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, People Republic of China, Liu Jie in Papandayan Room, Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, West Java. Monday (9/5/2016).
    According to the Vice Governor, This cooperation will be focusing on the research of agricultural technology, tourism, trading and investation, capacity building for the civil servants, arts and culture, as well as any other fields in order to realise the welfare of the people of the two provinces.
    But, one of the interesting cooperation weaved by the two provinces is the cooperation in the field of transportation. With the development of the International Airport in West Java is on going, there will be a aviation cooperation between West Java and Sichuan. Considering Sichuan's International Airport has weaved 86 cooperation with various contries in the world with 4.500.000 passenger on 2015, said the Vice Government.
    "Aside of the cooperation in education and culture, we will have a flight to Sichuan. The cooperation is now on progress, We hope that this cooperation will acquire much supports so that it will be a direct flight to Sichuan," said the Vice-Governor after he signed the cooperation agreement in Gedung Sate.
    Aside of that, The Vice Governor said that The Government of Sichuan Province invites West Java to participate in various business exhibition such as the one which going to be held in the upcoming October 2016.
    "Sichuan's population is only 9 millions, while in West Java alone we have 46 millions people. So there is a good economic development here in West Java. But, the important thing is to weave a mutual benefits," said The Vice Governor.
    The Vice Governor adds that the cooperation should be realised. It is important for us to immediately implement the most possible cooperation such as the cooperation in developing the Aerocity in BIJB with a Chinese corporation sometime ago.
    "So, we immediately implement the most realistic one," said The Vice Governor.
    The goal of Sichuan's Governor visits is to create a good communication to initiate the cooperation. There are potential similarities between both provinces such as indutry, high numbers of population, Natural resources, and a lot of tourist attraction and cultural destination.
    The visit which led by the Governor himself involves Governmental organisation and officers.
    Sichuan is the most developing province in PRC. This province is located on the Southern part of PRC. This province has weaved a cooperation with more than 2000 companies from all over the world with the total of investment raching $500 million.
    Until today, there are two companies from PRC that have put their investment in West Java. They are Chang Hong and Thung Chi. According to Liu, the investment both companies put in West Java is still small yet, he will expand the relationship to the other field.
    "The Government of Sichuan is enthusiastic to weave a cooperation with Indonesia. We will continuously encourage investor to invest in West Java," said Jiu Lie.
    "I talked with Deddy Mizwar, that we are going to expand this cooperation to another fields," adds Liu.
    As a follow up action, West Java Provincial Government has appointed Bureau of Local Autonomy and Cooperation Secretariat of West Java as a liaison. While the Government has appointed the Sichuan Provincial Department of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs in charge of the cooperation.
      Although this collaboration is a government to government engagement, it is expected the participation of business entities to be able to encourage and contribute positively to the cooperation that has been initiated both local governments
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