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    The Industrial Sector Absorbs Many Workers



    BANDUNG - The Centre of Statistics Agency (BPS) of West Java states that according to the result of Sakernas on February 2016, The Participation Level of Workforce (TPAK) in West Java is estimated to reach 64,43 percent.

    Comparing to the TPAK level in February 2015 which is in the amount of 66.08 percent, there is a decrese in number about 1,61 percent. In accordance of the decreasing number of TPAK, the number of workforce in this period is decreasing form 22.332.813 people to 22.176.819 people.

    On February 2016 it is estimated that there are 20.277.112 people of West Java are working. It is decreasing about 179.777 people compared to the condition of February 2015 (20.456.889).

    Three sectors which absorbs most worker in West Java, in order are: Trading, Industry and Agriculture each with 28,85%; 19,6%; and 17,47% contribution. If it is compared to the condition of last year, the trading sector gets 627.234 more people. Meanwhile, the industrial and agricultural each losing 289.889 and 623.943 people.

    "On February 2016, the precentage of working citizen in the formal sector reached 48,92% while in the informal sector reached 51,08%. The precentage of worker in the formal sector is decreasing 47,92% ," said the head of BPS, Bachdi Ruswana. JO

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