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    Cimahi Attempted Towards Smart City


    CIMAHI-Cimahi mayor, Hj. Atty Suharti says that Cimahi city attempted towards become smart city.

    Based on this target, Cimahi city government remains completed the infrastructures, such as finer optic to facilitate government system at the Kelurahan (administrative village), the Kecamatan (district), and aslo the provincial apparatus working unit (SKPD).

    “Through this fiber optic, hoped to accelerate the public service, like reporting system, budgeting system, and many more,” she said.

    In 2015, Cimahi city as an city who achieve an awards of smart city as medium city category. Cimahi surpass the other area such as Balikpapan, CIrebon, Yogyakarta, and Surakarta.

    “These awards is such a good moment to spur us in developing the smart city,” she said.

    The mayor hoped that Cimahi can be better and able to synergy with other city to support Indonesia development.


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