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    47 Junior Highschools Conducts Computer Based National Examination



    BANDUNG - As many as 7.714 Junior high schools in West Java conducts a national examination today, Monday May 9th, 2016. Around 0,609% or about 47 schools out of 7.714 conducts a web based national examination.

    Meanwhile, there are around 805.851 junior high school students attending the national examination. From that numbers, around 798.901 students are attending the conventional methods (UNBKP) and around 6.950 students attending the computer based national examination (UNBK). While there are 355 students with special needs and 31.553 people attending the national exam through "Paket B" programme.

    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) suggests students, teacher and parents to not think of the national exam as a burden after inspecting the implementation of national examinatin in SMPN 7 Bandung. Aher also motivates the students to keep their spirits and confidence in facing the national examination.

    "I inspected the implementation of National examination in SMPN 7, I also had the chance to enter the classroom because, by the time i got there, the national examination had not been started yet. I asked the how they doing and I told them that they don't have to be worried, they have to be confident and not to cheat. InsyaAllah, through hardwork and confidence it will be easy for them to recall the material that they had learned before," said Aher.

    "Everyone will be succeed. Because, there will be no National Examination without hard work. National examination is an annual event. The pressure is high, in my opinion, the parents, teacher and students have prepared all of the things," He adds.

    Aher explains that as for UNBK, the Government prioritise it for the High School students. According to him, the junior highschool students is emotionally unstable. They use pencil and paper in the classroom. He afraids that the use of computer will confused the students since they are not accustom to it.

    The case would be different if it is for the High School students. They are emotionally mature and stable so that it is easy for them to accustom themselves with computer.

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