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    208 Civil Servants of The Government of West Java Along with The Governor and Vice-Governor Passed The Drug Test



    BANDUNG - The Governor, Vice-Governor and also 208 civil servants in West Java Government carried out a urine test this morning, Monday May 9th, 2016 in Gedung Sate, Bandung and everyone of them passed the test.

    The officer of BNP is using the rapid test. The little tool is able to detect six signs of narcotics parameter such as cannabis and crystal meth. It only took the tool eight seconds to detect the narcotics.

    They dipped the tool in a glass of urine. the glasses was put on the table of the officer so everybody could see the test transparently. Just like pregnancy test, if there two stripes are appearing on the stick, that means the urine contains narcotics substance.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that a spontaneous examination that carried out after the long weekend reveals a natural results. "I'm sure that there was nothing. We want to check our employees. We have done various anti-drug abuse campaign, of course our employees, the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) have to be clean as well," he says.

    "I was the first, Mr. Vice Governor was the second, the next was the third echelon, fourth echelon the provincial government, and that in Setwan there are 208 or less. We wanted to do all of this at once, but current capacity is only capable of handling this much. In the future want more, reaching 500 people, "he said.

    Aher said that his staff would like to be clean, clean in their mind, a clean conscience, clean themselves well.

    "We are a state apparatus, we use the people's money, we want to act cleen, think clean without using narcotics," Said Aher.

    "I am sure there is no one using narcotics here. If there is a positive result, there will be a warning, and guiding if necessary, there is an administrative sanction, "said Aher.

    The Head of BNP said that this is a coorperating proggrame carried out by the Government of West Java. In accordance with the instruction No.1 of the Governor of 2016 regarding drug abuse prevention.

    "And this move is initiated by the Governor's himself. We also requested to the governor to be implemented immediately because we always carried out an anti-drug abuse campaign we have to make sure that we are not the one who abuse drug, "he explained.

    Iskandar reveal that most people using narcotics are the workers, and the next 40% are the students.

    "The most commonly abused are kind is crystal meth (methamphetamine), cannabis and ecstacy," he said.

    Furthermore Iskandar explained that if this time there are civil servants who are positive for the drug found, they will conduct a follow-up actions in the form of counseling, tracing the origins of these substances and assessment.

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