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    SMA 1 Anjatan is Winning The First Position in National Game Making Competition



    INDRAMAYU - It appears that, in ICT, we can not take the highschool students of Indramayu lightly. It is proven by two highschool students of Anjatan 1 High who win the national game making competition.

    The two students are Muhammad Bahrudin Al Hafsy and Abu Muhsonnip who are succeed in achieving the first winner in a national game making competition for they game entitled Cyber Protector Gear.

    The game encourage the player to test their knowledge in ICT. This game also contains moral value. such as greet your parents before going to school.

    The game was made in two days time. The competition is participated by students all accross Indonesia. Before the competition they were taught by a game developer, clevio, to make their own game.

    Anjatan 1 High is not only winning the first position in game making but, also winning the third position in presentation making by Thesalonica.

    This competition held by ICT Teachers Community and also KKPI Nasional in the A and F Buildings of The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia in Jakarta on May 5th to May 7th, 2016.

    Aside of game making competition and interesting presentation, they also competed fast typing, web designing, robots developing, blog writting, digital painting, and also short film making. (DENI SANJAYA)

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