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    Hundreds of Civil Servants are Carrying Out a Urine Test



    BANDUNG - After a long weekend,  hundreds of civil servants who are assigned in Gedung Sate is carrying out a urine test. The test is done by the Provincial Narcotics Agency (BNP) in cooperation with The Government of West Java.

    The Governor and The Vice-Governor is also included in the test. The Head of BNP, Iskandar Ibrahim said that the test is The Governor's request.

    "This test is Mr. Governor's request which means that he is committed in avoiding narcotics missused among civil servants in the Provincial Government," said Iskandar in Gedung Sate.

    According to Iskandar, the test is done after the long weekend where there is a possibility of drug abuse.

    "The this test is carried out after the long weekend because, during a long weekend there is a possibility of drug abuse," He said.

    Meanwhile, according to the Governor of West Java, do not panic, because there is always a possibility that the  substance was coming with the food we eat.

    After the test was carried out, the result is negative. There are no civil servant who is detected to consume these substance. (PUN)

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