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    Indonesia - China is in Cooperation to Develop Soccer



    BANDUNG - Indonesia and China will be in coorperation in developing soccer. According to the Head of the Association of Indonesia-China Harmonious Society, dr. Demin Shen, who is also the director of Rajawali Hospital, Bandung, Indonesia and China is having a common problem in soccer. Both from the organisation and players.

    "We will be in coorperation to solve our common problem in soccer. Both in the organisation and players," He said.

    According to Demin, Today in China, they are seriously seeds a footbal player since the age of 9 years old.

    "We have to do the same thing, We have to prepare our player since an early age. We do not have to rely to foreign player in the competition. I asure you we have a great player here in our nation," He said.

    One of football development cooperation, according Demin, is by holding a friendly match. (PUN)

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