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    Be Aware of Partial Al-Qur'an Tafsir Dakwah



    SUKABUMI - The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) appeals to the people of Sukabumi to not believed in misguided dakwah which is often happened in today's society.

    He expresses this during the opening of Qiroah Al-Bukhari final reading and Haul Al-Habib Syeikh Bin Salim Ap Attas the 38th, in Ponpes Al Masyhad Cijuray, Cikarutug, Sukaraja, Sukabumi Regency on Sunday May 8th, 2016.

    "Today, there is something treathening us. Moreover, towards our brother outside the Pondok Pesantren such as in University and many other public places. We have to be aware of those who use the Al-Qur'an verses with shallow understanding," said Aher.

    "For example, there is a verse in the Qur'an which requires us to pray early in the morning, noon, and night. With a misguided understanding, they told people to pray just 3 times a day. In fact, morning is interpreted as subuh prayer, during the noon there are dzuhur and ashar, and during the night there are maghrib and isya. So, that makes 5 prayers a day. Those who told us to pray only three times a day is clearly misguided with no excuse," He said.

    Thus, a deep understanding of religion is important because, when they use the verse of AlQur'an in their speech, the differences between the rights and the wrong are blurred. Aside of that some of them spread their sect personally (not in a group). That makes their movement undetected.

    In order to avoid those sects, furthermore,  Aher said that The Government of West Java is going encourage the students of highschool to recite the Holy Quran 30 minutes before the class starts at the least. This programme will be started after the management take over in 2017.

    "We will install a screen in each classroom. LAter, the students will be connected with a Quran tutor based in Gedung Sate. InsyaAllah, if we continously guide the students to recite the Holy Quran along with deep understanding of it, we will be able to protect our young generation from the negative impact of these sect," He said.

    Also attending the event are the Regent of Sukabumi, the Ulama, Da'i, as well as the head of regions and their officers.

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