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    The Vice-Governor Requests More Attention towards The Rights of People With Disabilities



    BANDUNG - The Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar request facilities and infrastructure for the disable to be provided in various public places. He states this in his welcoming speech during the Olympics of Arts and Designs for People with Disabilities in Widyatama University, Jl. Cikutra, Bandung on Sunday May 8th, 2016.

    The Vice Governor expresses the matter because the people's awareness towards people with disabilities needs to be improved.

    "The development of public places such as offices and malls need to pay more attention to that matters. The needs of the disable should be taken care of. If in today's society it has not been fullfiled that means, the people's awareness needs to be improved. Even the Government offices has not fully facilitated the needs of people with disabilities," Said The Vice-Governor.

    Just like the other members of the society, people with disabilities also have the rights to various facilitation for example, their access to education needs to be provided, the chance to be a civil servants, and many more. The Vice-Government said that those facts need to be realised by every aspects of the society.

    Thus, the Vice-Governor expresses his appreciation to the Art Therapy Centre of Widyatama University which has been facilitated the need of people with disabilities in fullfiling their need of education.

    "The interesting thing is how a private university provides a specialised Art Therapy Centre. A specialised education centre for people with disabilities. In fact, there is no public university provides the same thing. I think this is an excelent example to be imitated," said The Vice Governor.

    According to the Vice Governor, this event can be a perfect moment to raise people's awareness and supports towards the efforts to enhance the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in West Java and Indonesia as a whole.

    There are nine categories in which the participant can participates in. They are posters, comic strips, photography, painting, and crafts. Meanwhile, in the music category, there are songwriting, vocal solo and band. Not to forget there is also a competition for the creation of dance category.

    This olympics is held from May 5th to May 8th, 2016 with 150 participans from all accross Indonesia. 45 of whom were the finalists of the four provinces, namely Jakarta, Banten, Bali and West Java.

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