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    BLO, Preservation of Tradition, History and Environment



    BANDUNG - While singing "Halo-Halo Bandung", bicycle enthusiast from all over Nusantara welcomes The Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar in the courtyard of PT KAI's storehouse on Jl. Sukabumi, Bandung City on Sunday Mei 8th, 2016. The Vice-Governor is going to officially close the fourth Bandoeng Laoetan Onthel (BLO).

    Aroung 7.000 cyclists from all around Indonesia are attending this event. Even some of them comes from Netherland.

    They enlive this event by using a unique costumes. Some of them using the '45 Indonesia's Soldier Uniform, Antique wedding gown or even Indonesian ghost costumes like pocong.

    During his welcoming speech, Deddy Mizwar said that this event is a form of preserving Indonesia's tradition and/or history.

    "By using an awesomely unique costume, they show the spirit of preserving Indonesia's culture and traditions. Through tradition, we can remember our history. Through history we are able to define our past so that we know why we are here and what we are here for," said The Vice-Governor.

    Besides, According to also The Vice-Governor, this event socialise a healthy lifestyle to the society. As we have all know that onthel is an environment-friendly vehicle.

    "I saw an attitude of environmental awareness here. With the air pollution getting more severe, especially in a big city, by inflaming this spirit, we can reduce the air pollution. Global warming is also getting more severe. So, in my opinion this is a pioneering step in raising our awareness to environment," said Deddy Mizwar.

    Aside of that, The wife of The Governor of West Java, Netty Prasetyani who is also takes part in this event hopes that this event can be the media in which people can weave the sense of unity in attempt to fight against the condition which is not in the side of the society.

    "So, I hope we can all sound our voice. it is no matter whether we are all five thousands, seven thousands or ten thousands or even more than that, let us all sound our voice against violence especially towards women and children," She said.

    According to Netty, every citizen has the same rights to enjoy the benefits of the development. In that favor,  She invites all the bicycle enthusiasts to contribute in creating the better generation.

    "Today we ride, Today we ride onthel but the day after, on another spaces of life, we contribute in creating a better generation, developing a more civilised society in order to erase violence in its every form especially towards women and children," She explains.

    On that occassion, The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar continously invites the bicycle enthusiasts to support and succeed the implementation of PON XIX and Peparnas XV/2016 in West Java, through catur sukses. Which are Implementation Success, Achievement Success, Economic Empowernment Success and Administration Success.

    BLO was held since May 6th - May 8th 2016 by Sapedah Baheula Bandoeng Community. Besides Parades, this event also held a bazzaar which provides antiques and also rare bicycle spareparts.

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