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    Memorised 15 Juz of The Holy Qoran, Students will be Awarded Scholarsips



    BANDUNG - As a province with moslem majority, The Government of West Java will launch 30 minutes Quran reading programme for the moslem students. This programme will be initiated as the management transfer programme started in the upcoming 2017.

    The Government of West Java will awards the student who is able to memorize 15 Juz of The Holy Quran with scholarship as they apply to the public university.

    The programme is aimed to improve students achievement. Because, according to The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, the ability to memorize The Holy Quran will improve students' intellegence as well as achievement.

    "Those who known the Quran by heart is definitely smart and automatically their achievement also great. Thus, for the students who are able to memorize 15 juz of the Quran will be awarded a university scholarship," He said. Friday (6/5) during the Isra Mi'raj commemoration event.

    Aher explains that The Government will provide one television in each class through which the students are able to do a teleconference with their tutor in Gedung Sate or Gedung Pakuan in order to guide them in studying the Holy Quran. Students are required to read at least one juz in 30 minutes before the class starts.

    "We will install one television in each class. Later, in the morning there will be a tutor to teach them from Gedung Sate or Pakuan. The will read the Holy Quran for 20 minutes at the least," said Aher.

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