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    West Java's Tourism Featuring Gunung Padang and Ciletuh


    BANDUNG - The Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said, after he opened the 12th Tourism Forum in Gedung Sate, that West Java will feature two new tourism destination. They are Ciletuh and Gunung Padang.

    "We have two new tourism destinations with special interest. They are Ciletuh and Gunung Padang in Cianjur. The Government of West Java will continuously improve that area," said Demiz.

    According to him, The Government will not only improve the area but the overall presentation of the tourism destination. "We will ot only improve the are but also other supporting infrastructure including HR and so on and so forth," He said.

    Asia Tourism Forum is a biennial event. It is an event in which tourism practitioners including governments of Asian countries exchange their opinions about tourism. This year, the event is held in Bandung for three days. (PUN)

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