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    PON Socialisation Will Be Held in Yogyakarta


    BANDUNG-Large Committee (PB) XIX National Sports 2016 in West Java plans to hold socialisa-tion in Yogyakarta.

    Head of Broadcasting Services Media (PPM) PB PON XIX Ateng Kusnandar, as a release re-ceived jabarprov.go.id said these plan will held at the latest in December 2015, but is expected to be able held at the end of November.

    "PON was not only in West Java, but it is a national sports party throughout Indonesia. So, we will continue to do the socialisation especially to Yogyakarta," he said in the room Secretary of the Min-istry of Youth Sports, Yogyakarta, on Tuesday (27/10).

    According to him, Yogyakarta becomes the main objective after seven implementation of quick count that always conducted in West Java. Ateng said that there are many elements of implemen-tation in these city such as students, artists, professionals, and others. On the other side, Yogya-karta chosen due to of the leadership synergy. Especially between the provincial government of West Java and Yogyakarta.

    "So we'll plan, that there is a jalan santai or fun-bike activity. West Java Governor Ahmad Herya-wan and Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar together with Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku-buwono X will participate on the car free day event," he said.

    There will be musical entertainment, quizzes, sports expo, quizzes, door prizes, and also the rec-ord-breaking. This event will held to mass mobilization as on targets of socialization.

    Ateng said material promotion will also be disseminated to the Yogyakarta society.

    "We expect the Indonesian people and Yogyakarta in particular will be more know the PON imple-mentation. So, not only the people of West Java who already know," he said.

    Secretary of Education, Youth and Sports Boards Yogya Irawati added that it welcomed the plan. According to its capacity, they would help to facilitate the related parts.

    "We welcome the plans of West Java, especially PON PB Committee to hold this socialization. We will help to facilitate the relevant parties such as KONI Yogyakarta in the technical implementation," he said.

    He hoped that it will disseminated to the outside Java, so the socialization of biggest sports in In-donesia will ongoing massively and effectively.

    Director of PT. Tugu Jogja TV Dewa Made Budi said that he ready to help this socialization, espe-cially on broadcasting and preparation of the implementing activities (event organizer).

    According to him, there are at least three organizers of the event which will be presented to the PB PON in order to follow the beauty contest in the form of presentation of the concept to be held.

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