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    Student's Right Will be Maintained During the High School and Vocational School Management Transfer



    BANJAR - The management transfer of hisghscool and vocational school is ready to be impelemnted. The Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar wants this transfer to not interfering with the student activity, especially if it neglects students' rights.

    "In Banjar, education is free until the third grade of highschool because the small number of schools. Then, with the implementation of this transfer, the question arouse within the society is whether it is still free or not. and to that we say: yes of course. The second is matter the temporary teacher asking for a raise," said Deddy during his inspection to SMA 1 and SMK 1 Banjar to check on their preparation regarding this management transfer.

    Meanwhile, the transfer of documents, assets and human resources is proeected to be completed on October this year so that on January 1, 2017 this management transfer can be opened.

    Aside of that, regarding the children's level of learning participation, According to Deddy, the influence of the children's environment is important along with their nutrition intake.

    "A Child might be wants to go to school, but because of his/her economic issues, the child is forced to help their parents. their nutrition in take is also contributing in their intellgence and memory," said Aher

    "it will be such a waste if the school is developed, the teacher is well paid, but the children is unable to digest the material they get in school because of malnutritio," He said.

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