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    Market Revitalization mission of 2015 is Accomplished


    PURWOKERTO - The Ministry of Trade and Industry continously shows its commitment in realising 5.000 markets programme in accordance to Nawacita Promises. The Minister of Trade and Industry Thomas Trikasih Lembong emphasise that the target for market revitalisation in 2015 is accomplished. it reach 1.002 markets or around 98,52%.

    "Last year, our target was to revitalised 1.017 markets. Nawacita has been fulfilled," Tom Lembong emphasised as he delivers his speech in front of the  Indonesian President, Joko Widodo during the inauguration of Pasar Manis Purwokerto, Banyumas on Wednesday (4/5).

    This recent weeks, The Trade Minister is going on a roadshow with the Indonesian President to opens several newly constructed markets. Having completed the eastern part several days ago, The trade Minister and The President are now opening some markets in Central Java namely Pasar Manis in Purwokerto, Giwang Retno Market in Kebumen, and Krendetan Market in Purworejo. In Central Java, the market revitalisation budget is an allocation from Assisting Budget Aid (TP) in the amount of Rp 109,8 Billions to be used for developing 7 markets.

    Tom Lembong said that the inauguration of Pasar Manis is a special one because, several years ago the Market Revitalisation Programme was opened in the same place.

    "This inauguration is a special one. Mr. Presidents opens the construction for this market a year ago on June 30, 2015 and at the same time, he opens the market revitalisation programme in accordance with the Nawacita," said Tom.

    In the Government Working Plan (RKP) of The Ministry of Trading and Industry of 2015, The Ministry set up 1.017 markets revitalisation as their target. The number consists of 182 markets which are going to be revitalised using the TP money and 770 markets using the Specially Allocated Budget (DAK). Besides, The Ministry of Coperative and SMEs is also demanded to develop 65 markets. From 1.017 markets, we manage to develop 1.002 markets. 175 markets were revitalised using the TP money, 765 markets using the DAK and 65 markets using the Ministry of Coperative and SMEs' money. 

    Aside of that, in 2016, The Ministry of Trade and Industry sets up 1.000 markets revitalisation as their target which consists of 220 markets that are going to be revitalised using the TP money, 695 using the DAK money, and 85 markets using the Ministry of Coperative and SMEs' money. 

    During the implementation, there are 168 markets out of 220 which has been completed with the TP money, 695 markets using the DAK money. That means from the overal 1000 markets, there are 863 that have been completed. As for the completion of the rest, The Ministry of Trade and Industry will propose it to the Ministry of Finance. 

    During the inauguration of Pasar Manis, Tom stating the importance of markets for trader and society. "For the trader, if the market is clean and modern many costumer will be attracted to come. Thus, it raises their income and that condition will automatically cranks the economy of the region," said The Minister. 

    According to Tom, Market is not just a shopping venue but also a venue for socialising. "The society will make good use of a clean market," He adds.

    Aside of that, Tom quiet optimistic that markets can be optimally functioned if the Government allocated budget is used wisely. Tom also suggest the Regional Government to provide their local trader with training and debriefing. 

    Furthermore, Minister Tom explains that this market development programme is prioritised for markets which already 25 years old or more; Markets that are destroyed by the natural disaster, fire or social conflict; Secluded regions' markets.

    According to the Trade Minister Regulation No. 61/M-Dag/PER/8/2015 regarding the development and trading facility management, the Government sets up a guidance for markets revitalisation which consist of four principles.

    The First Principle is physical revitalisation which in the regulates markets development according to the physical standards and design prototype.

    The Second Principle is management revitalisation which refers to the creation of a professional, creative, modern and transparent manageement.

    The Third Principle is social and cultural revitalisation which refers to the creation of comfortable and safe markets.

    The Last Principle is economical revitalisation which refers to the improvement of the markets income.

    On that occassion, Minister Tom also delivers his appreciation to the Heads of Regional for their coorporation that has been contributing to the accomplishment of the markets revitalisation mission.

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