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    The House of Representative Anticipated the Impact of the Newest SOTK Revision


    KARAWANG-West Java's House of Representative recieved a complaint on the potential negative impact of the revision of the new organizational structure which will come into force in 2017.
    As a sampling of the information obtained from the Metrology dept. of the Department of Trade and Industries. The head of West Java's Trade and Industries Depr. reveals the potential problems that arise when the management transition of Metrology from the provincial government to Bandung regency. The potential problems including the issue of human resources and devolution of assets
    Referring to Law Number 23 of 2014 on Regional Government, SOTK changes is not only occuring in the Metrology Bureau, but also to another three Provincial Government's department. They are Bina Marga Dept, PSDA Dept, and Kimrum Dept which had to be merged into a new Departement called General Works Dept (Dinas PU)
    To anticipate the negative impacts West Java's Parliament will soon establish a new organizational structure and a Special Committee, said the Vice Chairman of West Java's Parliament, Abdul Harris Bobihoe, in his statement to reporters in Karawang (3/5) 

    According to Harris, the special committee that will be formed is expected to work optimally. Special committee is expected to accurately inventory the issues related to the impact of the new SOTK. Mapping the issue and should be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    According to the parliament, government institutions in West Java province in which there are several departments has been running well so changes is unecessary, especially with the merger of several departments. They think that it will cause numbers of problems for the transfer of management.
    If in the process of problem inventory there are negative impact to be found and those problems are neglected by the Government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is possible that the government in the area could apply for judicial review to the Constitutional Court. (NR)

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