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    The Government of West Java's Financial Aid Gives Positive impact


    KARAWANG - The Government of West Java has delivered the financial aid to the Regency/City accross West Java. The financial aid brought positive impact in the regions. 

    The fact is stated by the Vice-Chairman of the House of Representative, Irfan Suryanaga in his statement to journalists in House of Representative's Citra Bakti event, Tuesday (3/5).

    According to Irfan, the positive impact is visible in Bekasi. There is a big sport stadium facility now in Bekasi that can be used as PON venue. 

    The benefits of this aid, according to  Irfan has also been seen in the construction of Samsat of Bekasi. With the aid, the Samsat office has become more representative so that the taxpayer can comfortably pay their taxes.

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