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    West Java Food Security is Safe


    SUBANG-Head of Food Security in West Java Dewi Sartika asserted that food security in West Java are safe nationally, where there are available rice stocks more than 230 thousand tons in State Logistics Agency (Bulog) West Java. According to Dewi Sartika, another attempt to do is create granary in other area.

    "We've built more than 1115 granaries throughout West Java for security stocks of rice. This year we are targeting to rebuild 400 granaries, but it have just realized more than 100 granaries,” she said on the sidelines of Organic Rice Harvest in Subang, Monday (26/10) yesterday.

    Besides budgeted in the provincial government, City/District should also provide the budget for the procurement of the granary.

    "Hopefully in the future, the granary is available in every village, because the local budgets (APBD) is required to provide the budget for granary,” she said.

    Dewi Sartika also confirmed that non-food consumption of rice and wheat is remains be improved.

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