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    R Syamsudin Hospital, Sukabumi Opened a Cardiac Cath Lab Service


    SUKABUMI-After inaugurated the Outside Domicile Programme (PDD) IPB Sukabumi, The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated the Cathlab clinic (Cateterization and Laboratory) at the Regional General Hospital (Hospital) R Syamsudin, SH, Sukabumi, Jl. Hospital No. 1, Sukabumi, Tuesday (05/03/2016).

    Cathlab is a room that is used to perform CAG action (Coronary Angio Graphy) and PCI intervention (percutaneous coronary intervention) and other interventions such as interventional radiology. But in this case, R Syamsudin Hospital's Cathlab is focusing on cardiac care.

    "Alhamdulillah, R Syamsudin Hospital, Sukabumi now has a Cathlab, or heart disease service to be simple," said Aher in his speech.

    "I've seen before, the equipments are advanced and cost around Rp 18 billion. Incredible. But despite the tool is sophisticated, we do not aspire to be part of the tool," he added.

    In West Java, there are only three hospitals with Cathlab machines, namely hospitals R Syamsudin, SH, Sukabumi, RS Al-Ihsan in Baleendah Bandung District, as well as in Santosa Hospital Bandung.

    Aher hopes, with the existence of the clinic there will be an increase in public health services from this hospital. However, he still hopes the not many people in Sukabumi who needs to use these tools.

    To that end, Aher invite the entire community to foster a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods, exercising, and not eating junk food and smoking.

    "In the future of course we should adopt a healthy live style. A good hospital is a hospital that is inhabited by healthy people. So when someone is asked later inthe future the question of 'why do you go to the hospital?' the person would answer 'i'm going to check up', "said Aher.

    Cathlab Services is a new service diversification in R Syamsudin Hospital Sukabumi. The machine or tool itself is a relief from the West Java provincial budget of fiscal year 2015. Cathlab services in this hospital are guaranteed by BPJS but the terms and conditions are applicable, which means starting from the indications until the treatment classes must be in accordance with the SOP that has been set by BPJS.

    As reported by Communication, Information and Education Media of the Hospital, the tariffs of Cathlab services are varies and are based on the Ministry of Health BPJS services' tariffs. Ranging from Rp 18 million - 19 million for the fourth sten. This is depending on the number of sten (ring) used which indicates the severity of the illness.

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