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    The Regional Secretary Iwa Bought 100 Islamic Books


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary of West Java, Dr.H. Iwa Karniwa bought Islamic books on the Opening from Jabar Islamic Book Fair 2016  in Bale Asri PUSDAI Jabar, Jl. Diponegoro 63, Bandung, Tuesday (3/5).

    "On this occasion, I will, personally, buy inshaallah 100 books," said H. Iwa, after opening the first Islamic book fair that was held in PUSDAI.

    The purchase of these books, said H. Iwa is a form of support on enhancing the production of the book that will eventually brightened the nation.

    "West Java Provincial Government in accordance with the circular letter the governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan, we are also have the obligation for books endowments. I call out to all echelons II to immediately finish what was assigned which is book endownments. And if not, I guess at least buy at this exhibition," he said.

    H. Iwa said that as an Islamic missionary development center, Pusdai is a proper place to hold an exhibition of Islamic books.

    "Hopefully this event gained Allah's blessing. One of the blessing is that the book publishers and entrepreneurs gain more profit. Thus, we have to support them, at least for the Government's officer, to come to the exhibition and buy a book. Well one form of supporting and encouraging societies' willing to read is to buy a book. So, buy the book as much as possible. InshaAllah, if we share the book with anyone in need, together, we can help the future generation to be brighter. Especially for those who lives in West Java," He said. (ENAL)

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