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    Bandung's Custom Duty Destroyed Thousands of Illegal Goods


    BANDUNG - Bandung's custom office destroyed thousands of illegal goods. According to the Head of Bandung's Custom Office, Onny Yuar Hanantio, Tuesday (3/5) the illegal goods are confisticated goods that was acquired in 2015 in Bandung. Most of the illegal goods are bottles of liquor.

    "There are more than two thousand bottles of both genuine, fake and adulterated liquors. This is the result of our action during 2015 in the jurisdiction of the Customs of Bandung, the city of Bandung, Bandung regency, Cimahi City, West Bandung and Sumedang "he said.

    Other illegal goods other than liquors are fabric and apparel, air soft gun and chemicals.

    "Air soft gun is actually used for sport, but if they used it for something else it can be dangerous too, and coming into our juridiction without permission from the official document will enables us to seized it" he explained.

    These illegal goods were destroyed by fire or crushed. (Pun)

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