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    West Java's Regional Secretary Iwa Opens Jabar Islamic Book Fair 2016


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java, Dr.H. Iwa Karniwa Opens Jabar Islamic Book Fair 2016, marked with sounding the gongs, in Bale Asri Pusdai Jabar, Jalan Diponegoro 63, Bandung, Tuesday (3/5).

    The first islamic book exhibition on West Java level opening was attended by the Head of Library and Regional Archives (Bapusipda), Dr. Hj. Nenny Kencanawati, Vice Chairman of IKPI Indra Laksana, Chairman of IKPI Jabar, Drs.H. Anwaruddin, Mag, Chairman of the Supreme Chamber Suryamal Jabar, the Head of Publishing and other invitees.

    Chairman of the Committee, Ir.H. Sumbodo said that Jabar Islamic Book Fair 2016 will be open from May 3 Until May 10, 2016, attended by 70 participants, 80 stands, plus 10 food and beverages stall. 60 percent of the stalls were filled by the Publisher of West Java. While the rest filled by Publisher From Jakarta, Central Java, East Java and Publishers From Yogyakarta.

    Jabar Islamic Book Fair 2016 takes the theme, "Iqra, Faithful Societies Culture." The theme, According to Sumbodo, book is not only acting as the window of information but also a king of educational entertainment that should be enjoyed by everyone. 

    "This theme is also giving the committee, Participant, and Society to actively takes part in this even which starting from 3rd Until May 10, 2016 in Bale Asri Pusdai. Inshallah, Jabar Islamic Book Fair 2016 will be such a success although this is the first time for this event to be held in Pusdai," he said.

    Sekda Jabar, Dr.H. Iwa Karniwa during his speech said that the Government of West Java appreciates IKAPI which Continuously encourages the society to read in order to brightened the generations. 

    "It has been said the book is a window to the world. If we  want to know the world, aead a book," he said. (ENAL)

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