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    West Java's Farmer's Term of Trade Indices (NTP) Decrease


    BANDUNG - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of West Java said that Farmer's Term of Trade Indices (NTP) in West Java in April 2016 (2012 = 100) was 104.67, down by 1.10 percent compared to NTP in March 2016 which was recorded at 105.84.

    This is caused by the Farmers Accepted Price Index (IT) decreased by 1.34 per cent higher compared with the decline of Farmers Paid Price Index (IB) which fell by 0.24 percent.

    April 2016, the decreasing NTP occur only in food crops subsector by 3.91 percent, while the other four subsectors is increasing. They are Horticultural subsector rose 2.15 percent from 107.09 into 109.40,  smallholder crops subsector rose 0.71 percent from 96.41 into 97.10,  Fisheries Subsector up 0.24 percent from 98.13 into 98.37 and Livestock Sub-sector up 0.01 per cent with NTP numbers are relatively stable at 111.14.

    "NTP indicates the level of welfare of farmers and fishermen," said Bachdi Ruswana. jo

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