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    West Java's Export Value is Increasing on March 2016


    BANDUNG - West Java's export value is increasing on March 2016 up to 7,72% in the amount of US$ 2,12 relative to February 2016.

    Non-oil export value on March 2016 is increasing to the amount of US$ 2,05 Billion or about 5,83% relative to February 2016 which only US$ 1,94 Billion. Meanwhile, as for the oil export value is increasing 118,78% to the amount of US$ 72,37 relative to February 2016.

    West Java's export value in the first trimester of 2016 is US$ 6,07 Billion, down 3,89% relative to 2015 which reached US $ 6.32 billion.

    Over the past 13 months, the value of non-oil exports reached its lowest point in July 2015 for US $ 1.83 billion, while the highest exports was recorded in June 2015 with a value of US $ 2.25 billion. While the lowest value of oil and gas exports is US $ 33.08 million
    which occurred in February 2016 and the highest is US $ 81.78 million which occurred in August 2015.

    The export value of 10 major categories of goods in March 2016 was valued at $ 1.43 billion, increasing 4.86 percent compared to February 2016. Group of goods which experienced the highest increase was machinery / Aircraft Mechanics group(15.38 percent).

    "The market share of non-oil exports in West Java in March 2016 are the United States, Japan and Thailand in which each worth US $ 423.28 million, US $ 216.38 million and US $ 141.44 million with the combination of the three reached 38.08 percent," said Bachdi Ruswana, Head of BPS Jabar.

    The export volume of West Java in March 2016 amounted to 796.83 thousand tons, Increasing 28.82 percent compared to February 2016. The biggest increase of oil and gas exports reached 120.72 percent, while the increase in non-oil exports amounted to only 9.75 percent. jo

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