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    Top leaders were Born from Moral Development


    YOGYAKARTA - According to Deddy Mizwar, no matter what tribe we are coming from, as a religious Indonesian people it is our duty to develop noble character among society. Thus, from that attitude will born a top leader for our nation. "As a religious individual, let us develop noble character inside of us and spread it to those surrounding us and their society. Later, from that society Allah will bring us a top leader for our nation". 

    The Vice-Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said that, as  the interviewee on a discussion on Indonesia Islam University (UII) in Yogyakarta entitled "Leadership and Ethnic Group" Monday (02/05), Leadership is not a matter of ethnic group but, a matter of how well could one person bring good changes into the society. "Should a President be from a particular culture? leadership is not about tribes but the value of that tribe believes in, ethnicity has been excluded in today's society," said Deddy before hundreds of UII students.

    Yet Deddy was not denying the facts that most of our leaders come from the Javanese culture. According to him, this happens because of the leadership tradition in the Javanese culture which comes from the Javanese kingdom in the past, such as Majapahit. "It is all make sense, that is the truth, it all come from the leadership tradition in the Javanese Kingdom in the past, such as Majapahit. Tradition is a good values. Conviction handed down from generation to generation dynamic and influential on the power itself," he said.

    It is also influenced by the large number of people from a certain tribes that  migrated to different a region. "It is also applied to the people of Sundanese culture. Today, there are many citizens of West Java that move to various regions in Indonesia," said Deddy.

    Currently, there is a shift of point view of the people who think that a leader should come from a particular tribe. The result of a survey in 5 Major cities in Indonesia concerning the criteria of a president declares that "capability" becomes the most desirable criterion followed with experience, meanwhile, leadership style and ethnic background was ranked last, said Deddy Mizwar.

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