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    Tebing Karaton Attracts Special Interest



    KAB.BANDUNG - The Governor is supporting the existence of Tebing Karaton which belong to the Tahura Ir. H. Djuanda's conservation area.

    He hoped that this tourism area will remain a conservation area without any change in function such as becoming a producing forest. So that people still be able to bare the educational and economics benefit.

    In the future, this area could be expanded and become a special interest tourism area such as for the purpose of education, research, sport, or tourism itself said Aher as he inaugurated Tebing Karaton, CIburial Village, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency, Monday (5/2).

    "We want to add the areea with a complete set of facility. So, this forest could generate a lot of things, like education, producing economic growth or levy,  a place of research, Flower's nursery or various types of existing plants, orchids or producing honey. So, it can produce so  many things other than wood," said the Governor after the ceremony.

    Tebing Karaton is a landscape-based and forestry-based tourism. There are two things that this tourism area has to offer. First, This area can become a place or a spot to see the natural scenery of the Bandung basin. Secondly, the conservation forest area is filled with wild birds," said Aher.

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