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    Contextual Learning is Improving Teacher's Skills



    BANDUNG - In most of West Java's schools, the learning and teaching processes is still implementing the one way process which makes the students to easily get bored.

    This condition has grab the educators' serious attention and left them with question of how could this situation be change in order to improved students' performance.

    One possible way is through module 1 teaching training replication. Active, creative, effective and fun to be implemented by the elementary schools' teacher and through contextual learning as for the Juniorh highschool teacher.

    Those trainings are made for teachers in Kuningan Regency through SAID priority programme which conducted in coorporation with Kuningan Regency's local Government through Teacher's Working Group (KKG) or Subject Teacher Deliberation (MGMP).

    Nana Jumhana, S.Pd as one of the leader of KKG in Ciniru District stated that teachers that has gone through disemination said that the USAID Priority programme is helpful.

    "As a suburban school, we seriously want to improve the quality of the learning processes in groups 1 and 2 Ciniru District. Eventhough our school is located on the top of a hill, the teachers deserves a thumbs up for their passion to improve the quality of our learning process," he said.

    Through a press release received by www.Jabarprov.go.id, Nana hope that through this working groups, the teachers can be actively contributing so they can improve student achievement. (Parno)

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