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    National Batik Day, A Novelty For Batik Craftsmen


    CIMAHI-National Batik Day is celebrated annually on October 2 as stipulated in Presidential Decree No. 33, 2009 about National Batik Day. It brings novelty for the batik craftsmen, especially in Cimahi.

    "Alhamdulillah, with the National Batik Day, it brings an advantage for us. There will always an order and buyer for batik,” said Maya, one of the employees in Lembur Batik Gallery Cimahi, located in Jalan Pesantren No. 131, Village Cibabat, District of North Cimahi, Cimahi to jabarprov.go.id, Friday (2/10).

    The existence of the National Batik Day, according to Maya, be a novelty for the batik craftsmen. 

    At the National Batik Day every October 2, people from various backgrounds, such as civil servants and government officials, and publics are recommended to wear batik as an expression of proud for the our cultural heritage of ancestors.

    "Batik Indonesia since of October 2, 2009 was confirmed by UNESCO into the Representative List of Cultural Heritage. International recognition that can boost the positive image and dignity of Indonesia in international forums. Our society is now proud to wear batik, and maybe each family has it,” she said.

    Lembur Batik Gallery Cimahi itself, according to Maya, established since 2009. The owner is Hj. Ria Triwanto. This gallery offers a shopping tour and learning batik. The Batik price in Lembur Batik Gallery Cimahi is quite competitive. Price per piece varies, ranging from Rp 75,000, Rp 125,000, Rp 250,000 to Rp 450,000.

    "There are five motif that we made here, such as the motif of bamboo trees, cassava leaves, waterfall Panganten and motifs that symbolise the military, such as picture of grenades and pistols. Based on Cimahi that known as Military City,” she said.


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