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    Ridwan Kamil: Digital Hero, Hero in Now Era


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil has his own views about the hero in the era now. When giving tausiyah to the National Jamaah (GSJN) Fajr Movement at Salman Mosque ITB Bandung, Saturday (11/11/2018). Emil, as he is familiar, said that heroes are individuals who have finished defining their needs so they can give their time to society.

    For Emil, heroes in era 4.0 are no longer in the dimension of freedom (fighting for independence), but in the dimension of progress. He named it a digital hero. According to him, this digital hero is able to become a link between problems that occur in the community and the solution.

    "I see digital heroes as a golden opportunity for the millennial generation now, because they were not owned by the previous generation," Emil said.

    "This digital hero is a connector, a link between problems with solutions, based on digital technology," he continued.

    Emil pointed out, the humanitarian donation site Kitabisa.com, which was able to collect donations of Rp. 5.5 billion for Rohingya in just four days, is one of the breakthroughs of digital heroes that deserve to be emulated.

    There is also an online motorcycle taxi application Gojek, also an application that promotes the cuisine of mothers who do not have stalls. The originators of the technological advances were Emil's money as a digital hero.

    "Today's heroes are different from before, not war anymore. Now heroes are not dimensions of freedom, but dimensions of progress," Emil said.

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