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    Rainy Season, Citarum Task Force Focuses on Extracting Watershed Sedimentation


    BANDUNG - Entering this rainy season the Citarum Task Force will first focus on extracting sediment around the Citarum River basin. Especially in the area around the river that has the potential to flood.

    This was revealed by the Governor of West Java who was also the Citarum Dansatgas, Ridwan Kamil after a coordination meetin regarding the handling of the Citarum River in Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung City, Thursday (1/11/18).

    "In the field we focus on extracting sedimentation in areas that tend to be regularly flooded," Emil said, the familiar greeting Ridwan Kamil was after coordination.

    For Emil, this was the first meeting about the Citarum after he was appointed as the Governor of West Java on September 5, 2018.

    On this occasion, Emil was optimistic and wanted to emphasize the existence of the Task Force organization as the appointed party to deal with the problems in the Citarum River. Emil wants to strengthen the coordination side of the Task Force as a unit for handling Citarum.

    "We want to emphasize the strength of this organization, begging not only on paper, but indeed can execute. Until today, the activity takes place a lot, but it is less coordinated, "he said.

    Until now, Emil admitted that Citarum's condition was better than the previous year. Especially about the accumulation of garbage that has been greatly reduced.

    "The report from the field is much better but we cannot analyze it in depth. Roughly speaking, the eyes are far better than last year, because the TNI in the dry season yesterday carried out maximum activities, "he said.

    The plan is that Emil will conduct coordination meetings tomorrow regarding the handling of Citarum with the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs in Jakarta. Through the existing Presidential Regulation, Emil wants to request commitment from the Central Government regarding the budget that will be given for the handling of Citarum next year.

    "Tomorrow (in a joint meeting with the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs) I want to emphasize the coordination function, also want to emphasize the actual budget assistance of how many commitments can come out of this Perpres for later. As Dansatgas I distribute according to its urgency, "he said.

    Secretariat of the Citarum Task Force

    In the coordination meeting, according to the direction of the TNI Commander that the Citarum Task Force must have its own Secretariat office. This office will later serve as a place for information on the progress of handling the Citarum River.

    "The short term is to look for a secretariat so that all discussions are not formal like this," said Emil.

    "But in a daily basis all stakeholders interact in the secretariat to provide progress," he continued.

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