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    Recognize 12 Modes of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN) To Avoid Corruption


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil is committed to continuing to fight and prevent the latent danger of corruption. He noted that there were 12 modes in criminal acts of corruption, collusion and nepotism (KKN).

    Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname explains the twelve modes, including: licensing bribery tactics, grant or bansos fictitious assistance, subordinate forced deposits, forced subordinate quotes, fictitious projects, buying and selling access services, forced quote projects, forced quotes to citizen, project Fee, Down-spec project, Mark up project, and position sale and purchase.

    For this reason, Emil said that his party would make an instrument to prevent corruption through strengthening Saber Pungli, as well as the Inspectorate of West Java Province.

    "At a minimum with our instruments Saber Pungli - because we don't have a provincial version of the KPK, it will strengthen the inspectorate's instruments," Emil said, after attending the KPK Anti-Corruption Bus Roadshow at the Bandung City Hall Plaza, Tuesday (10/30/18).

    "We ask for permission, we want to work together in the region to take action for the next five years," he continued.

    Emil added, this was a message for all regional heads and officials throughout West Java Province. Technology support and active citizen participation pose a threat that currently corruption is easy to be identified.

    "This is a message to all regional heads or officials, don't mess around with integrity. Technology is sophisticated, public reports are increasingly transparent and easier," Emil said.

    "Never mind, work in accordance with the intention, we remind each other too," he added.

    According to KPK Deputy Chair Saut Situmorang, who was present at the Anti-Corruption Bus Roadshow, stated that not many regional heads dared to show the 12 modes. Saut said, these modes are a reminder of the danger of corruption.

    "The wish of the Governor was explained in great detail, there are a number of places that the Governor is well aware of where we have to change habits that we have always considered normal," Saut said.

    "And I walk to a number of places like those who think like Emil, this doesn't work much. The ones who dared to show 12 points earlier," he said.

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